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About Us

A Passion For Everything Beautiful

We are a home decor shop and an Interior Design company in Malta with an extensive collection of premium furnishings and home decor that fits with our customers' personality and style. Whether you're shopping at our home decor shop in Naxxar or using our online shop, you'll be surrounding yourself with beautiful and exclusive decorations.

Premium Quality

Every corner of your home should be eye-catching and unique. Our top-of-the-line home decor collections give you the perfect mix of uniqueness, premium quality, exclusivity, and everything you'd expect from a renowned home designer brand.

Latest Trends

With over a decade in the interior design industry, we've innovated our approach to better understand our clients' style, allowing us to introduce the latest trends in the design industry that we know you'll love because we do too.

Professional Advice

We're not your ordinary home decor shop in Malta, our sales consultants and retail assistants are trained to dedicate their time helping you discover your interior design preferences and suggest the appropriate decorations that will match your vision, personality, and style.

Loads To Choose From

When it comes to home interior design and styling, everyone is different and we understand that better than anyone else. We stock a large variety of home decor products, leaving you with plenty of options to ensure that you're surrounded by beauty at every corner of your home.


A Gift For Every Occasion

Our Most Loved Products

At Grey & Adler we aim to help customers discover special pieces, by matching some of our most loved products that we believe will embellish your home interior.

Shop By Category

Whether you're looking for a gift, the perfect arrangement to go on your console table, or just browsing for a new statement piece for your home, start by shopping in one of our specific categories.

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Lights & Mirrors

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Soft Furnishings






Wallpaper & Fabric Available At Our Store

We believe in the quality of product and service, due to the various colours and textures available for wallpapers and fabrics, we don't offer them on our home decor online shop.

We suggest visiting our decor shop in Naxxar to discover our range of premium wallpaper and fabrics.

Our Design Services

Apart from our premium selection of hand-picked home decorations, we offer a range of interior design services that will make a real impact when it comes to your living space and character. Speak to us and discover how these services can benefit your home decorating process.

- Interior Design

- Interior Styling

- CGI Visual

- Curtain Making

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Create The Perfect

What Our Customers Have To Say

Their motto is 'Surround yourself with Beauty'. I couldn't agree more. A gorgeous, beautifully styled home decor shop in Malta with a vast range of home decorations, ornaments, and furniture paralleled with professional, stylish, and personalised advice. Great staff, courteous, and attentive to detail. A visit to this centrally located decor shop in the heart of Naxxar is a must.

Ingrid Cefai

Decor Blog

Marise Pace, a renowned interior designer and sole founder of Grey & Adler goes into detail to help readers understand better the technical aspects of home and office decorating from her professional perspective.

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