•  The perfect combination: For all those who do not want to forego small quail eggs or Easter eggs in the classic size at Easter - the egg box in a set of 12 leaves nothing to be desired.

  •  High quality packaging: The eggs are delivered in a visually appealing box measuring 18.5x6x18.5cm. The box is divided into six chambers in which the sensitive eggs are additionally protected thanks to being embedded in straw.

  •  Elaborate design: the eggs are painted in white, copper and gold and individually decorated with black, white and gold-colored details. In addition, a black and white dotted feather is attached to each of the eggs.

  •  Suitable for indoors and outdoors: The eggs in the three different sizes 3x3.5cm, 4.5x6cm and 6x8cm are wonderfully suitable to be able to decorate them both indoors and outdoors.

  •  The perfect gift: In combination with an Easter basket or a feather wreath, the eggs are ideal as gifts for young and old.


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