•  Golden Easter: Create a glamorous Easter atmosphere in your home - with the pair of rabbits in a set of 2, you can make your Easter decorations shine this year.

  •  Suitable for indoors and outdoors: Thanks to the fact that it is made from porcelain, the two rabbits are wonderfully suited to be set up indoors or outdoors.

  •  Simple design: the two rabbits impress with their shiny details. Both the hare man's dungarees and the hare woman's dress shimmer golden. In addition, both carry a gold-colored egg between their paws, which clearly stands out from the otherwise neutral appearance.

  •  Countless possible uses: No matter whether as part of a table decoration or decorated on the window sill, whether individually or together - the two rabbit figures with the dimensions 7.5x23.5x7.5cm stand out in any case and thanks to the uniform coloring they can be wonderfully with can be combined with other Easter items.

  •  Gift idea: Hidden in an Easter basket, the pair of rabbits are wonderfully suitable as gifts and are guaranteed to make not only children's eyes shine.


SKU: 1983

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