•  Decoration and functionality in one: the bunny combines timeless Easter decorations with practical use.

  •  High-quality workmanship: Because it is made of porcelain, the bunny can be used in many ways and should not be missing in any classic Easter decoration.

  •  Attractive design: the rabbit-shaped figure standing on its hind legs impresses with its life-size representation and a woven basket made of the same material attached to the rabbit's back.

  •  Ideal decorative element: the bunny with a total size of 23x50x28cm is a real eye-catcher, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors.

  •  Versatile use: The integrated basket with a diameter of 17cm is ideal for hiding Easter eggs or sweets. The basket, which widens towards the top, also offers enough space for a small potted plant.


SKU: 2346

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