•  Golden Easter: For everyone who wants to show off their flowers in a glamorous way - with the vases in the set of 2, you can do this effortlessly.

  •  Simple design: the two vases convince with great attention to detail. The shape of the vases is reminiscent of an egg that has burst a bit at the top. At the side sits a small gold-colored rabbit, which stands out clearly from the otherwise neutral vase.

  •  Top quality: Thanks to the high-quality workmanship made of porcelain, the two vases guarantee long-term use.

  •  Countless possible uses: No matter whether as part of a table decoration or decorated on the window sill, whether individually or together - your flowers are guaranteed to find enough space in the two vases with a diameter of 4x9.5cm and 6x11cm. Thanks to the uniform coloring, the vases can be wonderfully combined with other Easter items.

  •  Gift idea: Adorned with a pair of lilies of the valley, the vases are perfect for giving away to loved ones.

Set of 2 Egg Vase

SKU: 1989

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