More than a decorative item, they are almost a cult object. Decorative candle holders and lanterns have earned a luxury space in homes around the world, since decorating with candles always brings warmth, creates a homey atmosphere and even adds a touch of magic. And wherever there are candles, there must be a candle snuffer: because they are practical, because they are safe and yes, because they are also an irresistible decorative accessory.
This golden candle snuffer is made of stainless steel and is made up of a long rod and an articulated cylindrical cap, which adapts to the inclination of the rod. This system allows the flame of a candle to be extinguished safely from any position, since the cap will always be vertical. Using a candle snuffer, in addition, will avoid having to blow and blow up the still liquid wax, which can dirty the candle holder or the surface where it is placed. Thus, this golden candle snuffer is a complement for candle holders and lanterns ... and a safety accessory that is also available in silver. Can you ask for more?


  • Color: Golden
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Measurements: 17 x 4 x 2 cm



Maintenance: Clean with a microfiber cloth. Do not use abrasive products.


SKU: AX68026

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