This whisky tasting contains:
• 24 glass tubes of 25 ml whisky
• Booklet with illustrations and descriptions of the whiskies
• Luxury wooden box
A unique collection of 24 very special Whiskies in a beautiful wooden gift box.




  • Glenfarclas, 25 Y


    After his death in 1865, the Grant family bought the Glenfarclass distillery, which was founded in 1844 by Robert Hay. Glenfarclas is now run by the 5th and 6th generation, John and George Grant. They have casks made in the Spanish sherry region and first lend them to a good Bodega for at least 5 years. This way, they monitor the quality of their barrels and ultimately their Whisky. This 25 year old has had a full ripening on such good sherry casks. 43% Vol.


    Bowmore, 18 Y


    The oldest distillery on the island of Islay, founded in 1779. Since the start, smoky, daring Whisky has been made here, 30% of which is still made from their own malt floor. Bowmore has Scotland's oldest warehouse, which is partly below sea level. This makes the barrel maturation balanced and gives the Whisky most of its true Islay character. Due to its age, the smoke is quite mild and the Whisky very complex. 43% Vol.


    Highland Park, 18 Y

    Orkney Islands

    Founded in 1798 by a direct descendant of the Vikings, Magnus Eunson. Highland Park is Scotland's most northern distillery and still has its own malt floors, from which 25% of the malt comes. This 18 year old has matured for most of the time on sherry casks. The combination of their own malt, Sherry casks and a very traditional way of working, has made this Whisky a prize winner. According to many lovers the best Whisky in the world. 43% Vol.


    Knockando, 21 Y


    The Knockando distillery was founded in 1898 and was thoroughly rebuilt in 1968. It is a small traditional distillery, where the Whisky mainly ages on bourbon casks. Only a small part of the product ages on sherry casks. With this 21-year-old, the year of distillation and the year of bottling is on the label. There is no splash of dye in it and the Whisky is completely natural. The addition on the label; 'Master Reserve', tells you that the barrels have been carefully selected. 43% Vol.


    Jura, 21 Y

    Isle of Jura

    Next to Islay is the island of Jura. The Isle of Jura distillery has been here since 1810. The water used by Jura comes from a nearby lake, the 'Loch a' Bhaile-Mhargaidh'. This water is peat-containing, which gives the whisky a light earthy taste. The malt for the whisky is not peated, but dried with hot air. This 21 year old, like all Jura Whisky, has matured on bourbon casks, but exceptionally got a finish on old Oloroso sherry casks. 44% Vol.


    Laphroaig, 18 Y


    Laphroaig is supposed to have been founded in 1815 by the brothers Alex and Donald Johnston. The distillery is located on the south coast of Islay, near the port town of Port Ellen. In the last century it was a Whisky that mainly went to blenders, but since the nineties Laphroaig gained popularity very quickly as a single malt. The peated malt is 20% sourced from the own malt floors, the rest from the Port Ellen malt house. This Whisky, firmly peated Whisky has had a full aging on bourbon barrels. 48% Vol.


    The Benriach, 25 Y


    Benriach, founded in 1898 in the heart of the Speyside, has experienced a lot. 2 years after its establishment, the distillery closed again. Benriach was not put back into production until 1965. Until 2004, with intermediate stops, neighbour Longmorn occasionally distilled at Benriach to keep the distillery from being dilapidated. The distillery was then taken over and brought fully into production. This Benriach matured 25 years in a mix of bourbon, Oloroso sherry and new American barrels. 46.8% Vol.


    Caol Ila, 18 Y


    Located on the Isle of Islay, Caol Ila is known for its heavily peated whisky. The distillery was originally founded in 1846, but the old distillery was demolished in the early 1970s and a new, much larger version of Caol Ila was built. To this day, Caol Ila is the largest producer of Scotch single malt whisky on Islay. The Caol Ila, 18 Y is an elegant whisky. The extra years of aging in oak casks has mellowed the impact of the peat, turning it into a very mature Islay whisky with lots of interesting subtleties. 43% Vol.


    Auchentoshan, 18 Y


    A 3 times distilled whisky from the Lowlands, near Glasgow. The Auchentoshan distillery was opened in 1825 by Irish refugees, which explains the light character of the whisky. Because Auchentoshan distils 3 times, the spirit has a much higher alcohol content than usual; 81%. By triple distillation, the whisky is also purified. This Auchentoshan has been fully matured on bourbon barrels for 18 years and has therefore acquired a beautiful, deep complexity. 43% Vol.


    Dalmore, 18 Y


    Dalmore (1839) is now one of the classics of Whisky. The distillery is located in the Northern Highlands and overlooks the sea. Dalmore has received a lot of attention, because they occasionally release very expensive and very old bottlings. This 18 year old has matured for 14 years on bourbon barrels and then another 4 years on Matusalem Oloroso sherry casks. This makes it a perfect example of Dalmore's class. 43% Vol.


    Glenlivet, 21 Y - Archive


    In the valley (Glen) of the river Livet lies a famous Scottish distillery, The Glenlivet. Founded in 1824 by the illustrious George Smith in 1824. In' The Archive' -the best place in their warehouse- the most special barrels are kept. The current Distillery Manager, Alan Winchester, thinks his Whisky is best when it matures for about 21 years. That's why he sometimes takes a few 21-year-old barrels out of his' Archive' and makes this limited edition of it. 43% Vol.


    Balvenie, 21 Y - Portwood


    When Balvenie opened in 1892, it was the second distillery of William Grant. Balvenie is located right next to Glenfiddich, which opened in 1886. Balvenie is the most traditional distillery, where people still work as in the past. They make this 21-year-old PortWood since 1996. It matures first on bourbon casks and the last eighteen months the whisky has finished on old used Port casks, in which earlier beautiful Port matured for at least 30 years. 40% Vol.


    Octomore - 07.1


    The Octomore distillery on Islay was opened in 1816 and closed permanently in 1852. When the nearby Bruichladdich distillery somewhere in 2006 decided to make the most daring Whisky ever, they chose the name Octomore. What started out as a wild idea took shape in this Whisky; turf smoke in its heaviest form. The malt is dried several times in peat smoke. As a result, it has a technical phenols content of over 200 PPM. 59.5% Vol.


    Talisker, 25 Y

    Isle of Skye

    Talisker, the only distillery on the island of Skye, was founded in 1810. In terms of location, by the sea on a mountain slope, it is really a picture-perfect. After a major reconstruction in 1997, it became a modern computer-controlled distillery on the inside. As far as Whisky is concerned, little has changed; this is still a powerful, complex Malt. This 25-year-old Talisker has matured on oak barrels; what kind of barrels exactly is a carefully kept secret. 45.8% Vol.


    Longrow, 18 Y


    Longrow is the name of an in 1896 closed distillery in Campbeltown, located next to Springbank. Since 1987 Springbank has been producing a small scale, sturdy and daring Whisky called Longrow. The malt dries for 48 hours above a peat fire and is distilled twice. This 18-year-old Longrow has matured in Rum casks (60%) and Oloroso sherry casks (40%). The result is a firm, smoky Whisky with sweet influences. A limited one and very popular amoung Whisky lovers. 46% Vol.


    Amrut - Madeira Finish


    Indian whisky is conquering the world, and Amrut is the absolute frontrunner, stunning connoisseurs over and over with their exquisite single malt whisky. The warm climate in India is perfectly suited for maturing whisky, of which the Amrut - Madeira Finish is an excellent example. It aged primarily in ex-bourbon casks before a length finish in ex-Madeira casks from Spain and Portugal. There are only 4,800 bottles available of this first batch, a fantastic whisky. 50% Vol.


    WhistlePig, 12 Y - Rye


    After studying the best techniques of the Old World, particularly Scotch whiskies, Master Distiller Dave Pickerell finished 12-year-old rye in premium European Sauternes, Madeira, and Port wine casks, releasing these single wine barrel finishes individually as the Old World Series in limited quantities. Then, they carefully married the 3 whiskeys into the Old World, highlighting their distinct flavors to create an exceptionally balanced spirit. This ultra-premium straight rye is distinctly American, yet harkens back to its stately Old World roots. 43% Vol.


    Jack Daniel's - Sinatra Select


    Matured on unique' Sinatra Barrels', Jack Daniel's Sinatra Select is a tribute to the greatest fan of Jack Daniels; Frank Sinatra. These Sinatra barrels have deep grooves on the inside, which exposes the whisky to additional layers of oak wood. This creates a rich amber colour, bold character and pleasant smokiness, followed by an incredibly smooth finish. This whisky is, just like the singer himself, unique in its kind. 45% Vol.


    Ledaig 1996 - Sherry Finish


    Ledaig is produced by the only distillery on the island of Mull, the Tobermory Distillery, which also has the Tobermory Single Malt range. Half of the whisky produced here is very peaty and is sold as 'Ledaig Single Malt'. For this whisky, they used Refill, sherry and bourbon casks. Unlike Tobermory, Ledaig has a much higher peat content. This Ledaig 1996 got a finish in Oloroso Sherry casks, resulting in a beautiful whisky with a mixture of smoky, spicy and sweet tones. 46.3% Vol.


    Hibiki - Japanese Harmony


    First released in the summer of 2015, Hibiki Japanese Harmony is crafted by the Suntory Whisky blending team, led by Master Blender Shingo Torii with malt whiskies from the Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries and, for the larger component by volume, grain whisky from the Chita distillery. The whiskies are drawn from 5 different types of cask, amoungst others American white oak, Sherry and Japanese Mizunara oak casks, entering a new fase of ‘no age statement’. Light, approachable with notes of orange peel and white chocolate. 43% Vol.


    Jameson, 18 Y


    An Irish, limited Whiskey by Jameson, founded in 1780. This 18 years Limited Reserve is a very special one. It is a blend of 2 Pot Still distilled Malt Whiskey's and a Single Grain. The Whiskey matures 18 years in Oloroso sherry casks and got a 6-month finish in bourbon barrels. The result is a soft, balanced Irish Whiskey with beautiful sherry tones. All bottles are numbered. Jameson himself sees this 18-year-old as one of their masterpieces. 40% Vol.


    Kavalan - Solist, Sherry Cask Strength


    This very first distillery in Taiwan opened its doors in 2005. Kavalan produces a soft sweet spirit, which matures briefly on sherry and bourbon casks. Because it is quite hot in Taiwan, the Whisky matures very quickly. With 7 years of maturing, this soloist is the oldest Whisky that they release. Up to 15% of the contents evaporate from the cask on an annual basis. This is a so-called Single Barrel bottling; for each batch only 1 Sherry cask is used. 57.1% Vol.


    Glenfiddich, 18 Y - Small batch


    Glenfiddich 18 Y is made at Scotland’s largest and best-selling distillery. It is produced in batches — each of them numbered individually. Glenfiddich 18 Y matures in Spanish Oloroso wood and American oak to mature into a rich and intriguing whisky. Back in 1963, Glenfiddich was the first Scottish distillery to embrace single malt whisky. They have expertise like no other distillery, and it shows in the high quality of the whiskies. 40% Vol.


    GlenDronach, 21 Y - Parliament


    Glendronach (1826) is an example of a distillery, which, from the first opening onward, experienced only closures and reopenings. As Whisky quickly became more popular, Glendronach still remained a big unknown in the world for a long time. But nowadays, Glendronach can rejoice in a great popularity, especially amoung lovers of sherry cask-matured Speyside Whisky. This beautiful 21 year old has matured on Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry casks. 48% Vol.