Grey &Adler - A passion for everything beautiful.   

Who we are

We are an Interiors Boutique and an Interior Design company, the brain child of Marise Pace, founded in 2012 after many years working in the furniture and design industry. 

What we do

At Grey & Adler, we can thoughtfully and carefully map out a room. We can see instinctively what should go where. We know how to optimise space or the art of showing off a piece to its greatest effect. But our skill also extends beyond designing. We source furniture and decor to sell and place into the most beautiful houses, locally and abroad.

Why we do it

We believe that homes should be more than just comfortable and beautiful – they should be interesting.  Extensions of our clients’ personalities filled with attention-grabbing timeless heirlooms and stunning accessories. We travel to source the finest pieces and we offer each project a unique perspective. We’ve brought our expertise to private clients, hotels, property developers and estate agents. With Grey &  Adler, rest assured you will surround yourself with beauty.

Marise & her team

At Grey & Adler we have a passionate and ambitious team, totally dedicated to helping you discover the right products for your home and projects while providing you with an unbeatable service.  The Team is headed by Marise Pace, sole owner and founder of Grey & Adler.  Marise possesses a defined signature style, creating timeless interiors with a careful use of colour and abundance of textures.  Her designs reflect an appreciation and understanding for different styles and cultures.  Her signature style has a wide appeal, with satisfied clients regularly describing her finished projects as "elegant and timeless".  Marise credits the increasing demand for her design services and efficiency of her firm to the dedication of her brilliant team, without whom none of the ideas would come alive.   

What you should know...

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