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About Our Services

Apart from our top-of-the-range selection of home decorations, we offer a range of interior design services. The design services we offer will embellish your living space with a direct spotlight on the character and visual you'd like to portray for your interior. 


The Design Services


Interior Design

Interior design is built in the way that you'll be utilising the space. When designing your interior we assess how you'll be using and interacting with the space, this will give us insight on how to best structure your living space so that you can interact comfortably throughout.

Interior Styling

Interior styling is often confused with interior design but in reality, they're particularly different. Styling your home is essential because this is what will really make your house or apartment into a home filled with personality and character. We can help you envision your home according to your preferences, making it a more comfortable and enjoyable place to live in.


Curtain Making

When decorating a home, not a lot of thought goes into curtains and frequently people resort to ready-made curtains - that simply doesn't translate or complement the vision you hoped for. Curtain making is an art and we go into detail to ensure that it works out and complements your living space in a way that makes sense.

CGI Visualisation

CGI Visualisation is popularly used with interior design service, where it allows us to create a 3D render of the project at hand. With 3D rendering, you will be able to better understand the vision we have for your living space.

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